Website update and plans moving forward

It has been almost two years since I last updated this website. For many months, I actually forgot about it’s existence until I was charged by WordPress for the domain. My interest in photographing and exploring abandoned places in Sheffield hasn’t decreased, and I hope to continue doing this and updating this site over the coming months. I no longer live in Sheffield, even though I still study at SHU, so it’s not as easy for me to go out and photograph like it was before. Today, I added some more locations on the ‘Places’ page, including a location that I photographed heavily a few years ago but didn’t include as I couldn’t find a name or any information about it. Thanks to some likeminded urban explorers/photographers, I have obtained the name (at least one it’s former names) and some information about it’s existence before being abandoned.

Attempted visit to Hallam Tower

Since I was back at my student house just off Eccleshall Rd, I decided to visit Hallam Tower, a place I had researched earlier in this project. Hallam Tower was a hotel located in the Broomhill area of Sheffield, only about a 15 minute walk from my house. I planned to go there some time ago to photograh it, but found it was completely off-limits and almost impossible to get close to. This is largely down to the fact a young student like myself died after falling when exploring the place a few years prior. As expected, I didn’t manage to get close and all roads leading towards it were not accessible and didn’t even appear on Google Maps. The only shots I managed to get of the place was in an housing estate car park on Chesterwood Dr. From here, you have a good view of the building but unfortunately that’s as close as you can get.

Revisiting Sheffield Ski Village

Today I went back to my favourite abandoned location in Sheffield, the Ski Village. The purpose of going back yesterday was to get a few more shots for my promo video. When reviewing the footage I’d captured on the previous two visits, I realised I didn’t have any from just outside the gate where you enter the premises. Despite this being my third visit, it’s always interesting to have a walk around up the slopes, with spectacular views of Sheffield. It’ll be interesting to see how long the site remains open with planned redevelopment coming soon.

A trip to Woollen Signs

Amongst the busy rush hour traffic and only minutes outside the centre is Woollen Signs, which I finally got round to visiting. In 2008, after 125 years, the company ceased trading altogether following a takeover and the site closed. A new Woollen Signs company was set up but the old building still remains left abandoned today. Unfortunatelty, at the moment the place is highly sealed up but this did not stop me in paying a visit. The site sits about a 15 minute walk north of the city centre, nestled in a series of industrial estates. It can be found on the ironically named Love Street, S3 8NW.

Adelphi Cinema Revisit

Today I ventured further out of the city centre into the Attercliffe area, to revisit the abandoned Adelphi Cinema. The purpose of this visit was to film some shots for the promo video and have another look around the site. It was a bit cloudier and windier than previous visits which made for some nice pans and close up shots of the weeds and plants at the front of the building. Adelphi Cinema can be found at S9 3TR on Vicarage Road.

Ridgway Tools and a few others

Today I ventured out near the Netherthorpe area, about ten minutes walk north of the city centre. My primary goal was to walk to the now derelict Ridgway Tools. However, on my short walk I found several other locations to photograph for my CMP. Some of these include the abandoned Herwitt Accountants, The Queens Hotel pub and a few other locations I couldn’t get the name of. Walking along the bottom of Shephard St and the surrounding area saw multiple abandoned buildings and redevelopments that I will definiely be looking again at in the future.